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Flooring for a Design-Conscious Mom with a House Full of Boys

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Northhampton Plank in Shelton Pecan luxury vinyl plank becomes the flooring of choice for this busy mom.

The best part is that the colour I chose blends perfectly with the house as it is now and will look even better as I renovate more areas to match my style. Floor-first design is essential to any home renovation. Starting this home renovation and design update with the flooring has helped solidify the style and really pull all the rooms together.                                                                                                                                                               
We’ve already had pool parties, sleepovers, dinner parties and doggy friends over with great success. The floor has been easy to clean and maintain – even the boys can have it looking great in no time. There have been food spills, LEGO bricks, dog footprints, a misplaced water balloon and who knows what else already on the floor and you’d never know it.”

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How Vinyl Improves Your Home – Tarkett Vinyl

Tarkett has created one of the largest vinyl collection with unique designs, colours and textures to match you taste, modern lifestyle and the needs of every type of room in your home. 

Discover the full line-up of Tarkett flooring products here (Manufacturer’s website). Contact Underfoot for more details and for your free in-home estimate.

Tarkett took aside some of its customers and asked them a few questions about their personal experience with Vinyl. The following one of these stories:


Pierre and Mary, Grand-parents

Pierre and Marie, are happy grandparents with eight grandchildren. But when the tribe arrives every summer at their country house, life gets very busy! And trying to keep the old tiled floor clean had become a nightmare…

What made you want to change?
We had to change our old house to suit the new generation. We wanted to make it easier to look after, especially during the summer when there are lots of us and the house is full of people coming in and out all day. Wet feet, glasses knocked over, broken plates: the old tiled floor had seen it all and urgently needed to be replaced. But from there to putting vinyl flooring down in our house…

So what made you choose this flooring in the end?
Our children encouraged us to consider vinyl. I admit we weren’t very keen, as we were thinking about the old ‘plastic’ floors our grandmothers had. When we saw and touched the vinyl, however, we were amazed by how it looked, the variety and the quality of the product. We opted for a veined, oak look, which is such a good imitation of a wood floor that you’d never know. In two days, it had been laid. And what a saving!

Has your new vinyl floor met your expectations?
As for cleaning, it’s a real pleasure. Style-wise the new flooring goes really well with our rustic furniture. The light oak colour we chose has even brightened it up and shown it off! And as for charm, the change has made no difference: with the new vinyl floor our home has kept all its style.

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Decorating from the Floor Up: Common Carpet Myths Debunked

Carpet mythsCarpet offers thousands of exciting design options to enhance the look and feel of your room. It adds value to your home and provides a safe and clean environment for your family. However, recent “rumors” that carpet is an unhealthy choice for your home have led to a decline in carpet popularity. I’d like to put carpet back into your good books by exposing these common myths.

Myth #1: Asthma and allergy sufferers should not have carpet in the home.

EPA scientists concluded that carpet fibers trap and immobilize allergy-causing particulates. If allergens are in the carpet, they’re not circulating in the indoor air stream. Use a HEPA-filter vacuum to fully remove such these particles and your allergy concerns will be gone.

Myth #2: Carpet is hard to maintain – it stains and wears out very easily.

Simple steps can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking new. Vacuum often to remove soil particles before they get below the surface of the pile. Carpet in a typical household should be thoroughly cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Professional carpet cleaners get the best results or do-it-yourself by renting a steam cleaner from the supermarket.

Myth #3: Mold grows in carpets.

FACT: Moisture, dirt and dust are needed to grow mold. Choose carpet made from synthetic fibers, keep it clean and you will have no mold—it’s that simple.

Carpet is the perfect way to update any room. You’ll also love the practical side of carpet. It doesn’t chip, scratch or crack and it looks great year after year. My clients with busy households always comment on how carpet reduces noise. They also like the savings to their energy bills (carpet insulates up to 17 times better than any other flooring).

With these carpet myths exposed, you can make your decorating choices with confidence. Making smart choices for any home improvement requires the expertise of a designer, contractor or local carpet expert. Ask them to recommend which types/styles of carpet (berber, shag, level-loop) and carpet fiber (wool, nylon or polyester) would best suit your living space, budget and family activities.

Flooring is something you use everyday. Treat your feet to luscious carpets—and love your space.