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The Case for Vinyl Floors

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While it’s popularity may have suffered over the past decade, vinyl flooring is enjoying a resurgence. This could be because it’s now available in fashionable patterns, textures, various designs. But for a lot of people, these floors’ easy-to-live-with nature makes them the logical choice for house full of kids and or pets. They can cost significantly less money than the alternatives, which also adds to their popularity.

If you’re looking for a flooring that stands up to everyday life and looks good doing it, ask us to show you our selection of vinyl flooring.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed.


Decorating from the Floor Up: Common Carpet Myths Debunked

Carpet mythsCarpet offers thousands of exciting design options to enhance the look and feel of your room. It adds value to your home and provides a safe and clean environment for your family. However, recent “rumors” that carpet is an unhealthy choice for your home have led to a decline in carpet popularity. I’d like to put carpet back into your good books by exposing these common myths.

Myth #1: Asthma and allergy sufferers should not have carpet in the home.

EPA scientists concluded that carpet fibers trap and immobilize allergy-causing particulates. If allergens are in the carpet, they’re not circulating in the indoor air stream. Use a HEPA-filter vacuum to fully remove such these particles and your allergy concerns will be gone.

Myth #2: Carpet is hard to maintain – it stains and wears out very easily.

Simple steps can extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking new. Vacuum often to remove soil particles before they get below the surface of the pile. Carpet in a typical household should be thoroughly cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Professional carpet cleaners get the best results or do-it-yourself by renting a steam cleaner from the supermarket.

Myth #3: Mold grows in carpets.

FACT: Moisture, dirt and dust are needed to grow mold. Choose carpet made from synthetic fibers, keep it clean and you will have no mold—it’s that simple.

Carpet is the perfect way to update any room. You’ll also love the practical side of carpet. It doesn’t chip, scratch or crack and it looks great year after year. My clients with busy households always comment on how carpet reduces noise. They also like the savings to their energy bills (carpet insulates up to 17 times better than any other flooring).

With these carpet myths exposed, you can make your decorating choices with confidence. Making smart choices for any home improvement requires the expertise of a designer, contractor or local carpet expert. Ask them to recommend which types/styles of carpet (berber, shag, level-loop) and carpet fiber (wool, nylon or polyester) would best suit your living space, budget and family activities.

Flooring is something you use everyday. Treat your feet to luscious carpets—and love your space.

Naturally Stylish and Warm Solutions for Fall

Solid hardwood never goes out of style and is a fashionable choice for every room of your home.

floorsunderfoot-area-carpetOur most popular hardwood is oak for its classic elegance, however, there are plenty other species available such as ash, beech, birch and cherry, each offering warm tones and stunning grain details.

Exotic woods such as mahogany, bamboo and cork provide unique details, rich tones, visual and natural warmth.

Engineered hardwood is a more cost-effective solution to solid hardwood. It provides the same appearance of real wood and can also be used in kitchens and installed over concrete slabs in basements because of its moisture-resistant qualities.

When properly maintained, hardwood will last for more than a lifetime and increase the value of your home. With hundreds of styles, colours and species available we’re confident that we can pair you with a hardwood that is perfect for your space.

Proper maintenance is the key to a trouble-free tile & stone floor

TileDamp mop weekly

Wipe down your ceramic floor with a damp mop at least once a week (or more often for heavy traffic areas) Make certain that any cleanser you have chosen is compatible with grout cleaning, (neutral pH), and will not stain the grout. Never use a detergent or soap, because it can dull the surface or promote the growth of mildew. Routine cleaners should never contain acids, vinegar, chlorines or ammonia, as these chemicals can damage and discolour the grout or the surface of the stone or tile.

Caution: Wait at least 72 hours after installation (to allow new ceramic tile and grout to dry) before damp mopping.

Use protective mats

Good quality entry and exit mats will help protect your ceramic tile from premature wear. They trap the dirt, sand, grit, and other substances such as oil, asphalt, or driveway sealer that would otherwise be tracked onto your floor. Mats are also suggested at heavy pivot locations, such as in front of your kitchen sink or stove.

Add protective pads to furniture

Protect your tile by affixing felt or similar pads to the legs of any metal, iron, wood, or plastic furniture that will be placed on it. Exterior metal furniture, which rests on tile floors or patios, may rust and cause staining.

Laminate: The modern option for modern lifestyles

Stylish and colourful


What’s brilliant about vinyl is that it can mimic the appearance of other flooring, such as ceramic tile and hardwood. It’s durable, soft on the feet and easy to install. With so many choices, it’s the perfect choice for almost any room, including kitchens, playrooms, bathrooms and basements.

Available in sheets, planks and self-adhesive backs vinyl is the do-it-yourself friendly floor solution.

Durable, Distinctive and Practical Qualities of Tile

Add did we mention safe?


Todays’ designers are using tile for interiors and exteriors. With so many colours and styles to choose from tile offers something for every taste. From ceramic and porcelain to glass and natural stone—you’ll have a hard time choosing!

Tile’s resistance to moisture and stains makes it a perfect choice for kitchens, basements and master bathrooms. If safety is your main concern, natural stone and slate offer “built-in” slip resistance without compromising beauty.

Ask us our Underfoot staff for suggestions that reflect your design ideas and budget.

Shutters With Style

blinds-4You can always count on shutters to help make the statement you want your home to make. Depending on the style and features you choose, shutters can add a touch of architectural elegance, a bold accent or the warmth that says “home.”

Our shutters are made to order, so you can always be sure they’ll fit your windows perfectly. And when you choose Underfoot, you’ll work with an expert.

A consultant will come to your home, measure your windows, and get to know you and your sense of style. Then, they’ll help you choose the shutters that are right for your room and the look you want to create.


Design Options include:

  • Arch and Specialty Shapes for Polysatin Shutters - Turns specialty shapes into stunning design accents.
  • Bay/Bow Windows - Custom shutters add style and beauty to bay or bow windows.
  • Bi-Pass and Bi-Fold Systems - Ideal for large windows and patio doors.
  • French Door Cut-Outs for Polysatin Shutters - The perfect solution for French doors.